EcoLiving hale
  • Imagine a building designed and constructed to
    function as elegantly and efficiently as a coral reef

    EcoLiving hale

  • a building informed by its bio region’s characteristics, and that
    generates all of its own energy with renewable resources,

    EcoLiving hale

  • captures and treats all of its water,
    and operates efficiently and for maximum beauty.

    EcoLiving hale

  • EcoLiving Hale is turning imagination into reality.

    EcoLiving Hale is a registered Living Building Challenge project with a goal to do “just that” by turning imagination into reality and building a truly self sufficient project.

    EcoLiving Hale is a demonstration project for sustainable living for both new construction and renovation projects. EcoLiving Hale was designed and developed by Green Sand to showcase various strategies and concepts that encompass a holistic sustainable project. The goal was to build a project close to city center that was within the grid but eliminate the need to tie into the existing utility systems. Pushing the envelope to show how sustainable a project could be. The project was developed to demonstrate various sustainable strategies such as rainwater harvesting, independent energy production, independent waste handling etc. These strategies can be used independently depending upon the projects needs or all together as demonstrated at EcoLiving Hale. The modularity of the process makes the lessons learned easy to implement into new construction or renovation projects that want to add an element of sustainability or that wants to go all the way and also be off the grid.

    EcoLiving Hale is designed to inspire people to begin the steps necessary to change the built environment. Without demonstration projects to inspire, success will be limited. EcoLiving Hale is intended to go beyond hypothetical to reality.

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